About Cancun

​​​Home to the world’s second largest barrier reef, archaeological sites dating back thousands of years, warm white sandy beaches and crystal blue seas, Cancun is a tropical paradise that remains one of the world’s top tourist destinations. With renowned fishing, diving and snorkeling, you could keep busy 24 hours a day just participating in the many activities and tours available.

Built in a location that was named by Mayan people, for the large number of snakes in the area, Cancun has been carefully groomed into one of the most polished resorts anywhere. Long gone are the snakes and most of the mosquitoes that might have enjoyed the numerous lagoons. Few resorts in the world have the infrastructure and amenities that were built into Cancun from the beginning. Everything just seems to flow together effortlessly in Cancun. This is one of the reasons that Cancun is Mexico’s most popular resort, the other reason being… Location, Location, Location.

Popular Things to Do

Chichen Itza

Explore the ruins of one of the largest pre-Columbian cities built by the Maya people. As one of the most popular tourist sites in Mexico, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is part of the “New” Seven Wonders of the World!
​While Chichen Itza is a short drive from Cancun, the Ruins of El Ray are inside the city. Don’t miss them.


The​ Beaches​

Take a break before or after the congress and relax those brain cells by spending some time along the 22km of beaches. The Northside beaches have more tranquil water and the Eastside beaches offer more exciting waves.
For a list of beaches, click here​

Parque de las Palapas

The town center in most Mexican towns is also the center of social life.

The Markets

At markets such as Mercado 28, you will find handicrafts and authentic Mexican street food. Mercado 28 offers a break from the luxury malls on Avenida Kukulkan and you will certainly walk away with a souvenir or two.​


Swim in the clear blue sea, venture to the underwater ruins, or join a school of fish.

Museo Maya de Cancun

With 400 Maya artefacts on display from key sites in the peninsula, the museum offers a step into the history and culture of the Yucatán region. 

The Nightlife

The nightlife in Cancun is one of the best in the world. Restaurants and bars can be found in the Hotel District and on Yaxchilan Avenue (downtown). Sip Pina coladas and dance in conga lines for a night that you may or may not remember.

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Cancun Airport

Cancun Airport handles the second largest volume of traffic in Mexico. Since they have built the new terminal, Cancun airport can boast great modern facilities and equipment. 

Getting Around Cancun

It is very easy and cheap to get around Cancun by bus. You can catch a bus to most places within Cancun and there is a bus every hour from Cancun Airport to Downtown Cancun. From the Cancun bus terminal in downtown Cancun y​ou will find regular services to all parts of Mexico.
You can always find a taxi in Cancun, but make sure you check the fare before you get in. A list of regular fares can be found in the lobby of most hotels or you can ask the concierge.

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